Discogs.com is in my opinion one of the most important websites on the Internet. For electronic music lovers the world over, Discogs has been one of the most visited sites in our bookmarks / favorites for the last 10 years.

THE definitive discography database of artists popular and obscure, Discogs continues to to be a valuable and interesting resource for a music lovers never-ending search for musical knowledge. So much much more than just lists of songs, Discogs is crammed full of album artwork, reviews, opinions and facts.

Like another great site Wikipedia, Discogs is and always will be, a work in progress. Also like Wikipedia, the success and relevance of Discogs is due to and sustained by an army of contributors and users who add, amend, dispute, revise and update almost all of the content. Users flock to the site because of it’s content, and it’s content is thanks to it’s users. It’s a simple but incredibly effective and powerful self-fulfilling cycle.

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Wetherspoons – Ham, Egg & Chips

Ham, Egg & Chips (£1.99) with Pint of Fosters (£2.40) – Dinner time and cooking is too much of an effort after a long day at work so JD Wetherspoons to the rescue! My local “Spoonys” is The Hope Tap in Reading, an often over-looked watering hole in the center of town. Meal was a little on the small side, but no noticeable decrease in quality compared to other much more expensive pub food so excellent value for money. Wetherspoons are always one of the cheapest places in town for a pint although £2.40 is nothing to write home about.

Total Cost£4.39
Value for Money – 9/10

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Filo & Peri with Eric Lumiere – Soul and the Sun

Filo & Peri with Eric Lumiere – Soul and the Sun (Original Mix) – As featured on Filo & Peri’s most recent album Nightplay, the original mix is a simple but effective trancer dominated by Eric Lumiere’s powerful vocals. Unusually for trance music, the lyrics are of a high standard and are a feature rather than a “layer” of the track.
SummaryDay Brightener

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